The world needs us now!

The world needs us now!

A lot has been said about Climate Change and all the effects that are already happening in the world. Although we all are aware of this climate crisis, of who is Greta Thunberg, and even words as resilience are now common for the programs and initiatives, there is a lack of daily actions that we as citizens are not adopting.

Perhaps the most promising international agreement that humanity has signed is the Agreement of Paris in 2015 during the COP event. At that time many countries set ambitious targets of carbon emission reductions, energy transition plans, and access to finance for novel solutions that can help us to maintain global warming under the 2ºC above the pre-industrial levels.

There are many protest messages as “There is no planet B”, “Planet over profit”, ” We want a future” where the main responsibility relies on the big corporations and governments that are taking only small actions or not actions at all. Let’s not confused, we need to force them to take bigger actions and make them responsible for what they are doing now. But responsibility is not only at their hands, we need to take action urgently to combat this climate crisis, these small actions will make a big difference.

Then the important question that you should be asking today on this Earth Day is “What am I doing to face climate change on daily basis?” There are some examples that you can practice today as reduce your meat consumption, separate your waste, cycle or walk instead of driving, plant and a tree, install solar panels at your home, among many other actions that by adopting it on daily basis will make an important contribution to our planet.

In 2019 the world’s largest green business ideas competition ClimateLaunchpad embarked in Colombia and after the very successful first editions we are now crossing boundaries and scaling our impact into Mexico. The competition is looking for any idea that can be an innovation in renewable energy, a sustainable transition in the food chain, a mind shift in urban mobility, or any other way to tackle climate change. As long as it’s in the cleantech domain: “a scientific innovation that uses existing technology to do more with fewer resources, and has a commercial driver.”

The Cleantech Hub Colombia ( is very honored and proud to partner with GreenID, MiCochinito in Mexico to grow our practical and effective approach to face locally climate change. We want to help all the entrepreneurs and people that have already the intention to start the change but still need a small push to see that they can be the game changers that can provide a future for humanity.

All the applicants will have access to a small training to polish their ideas, pitches, and business models. We are looking for enthusiastic people that want to become the change in their communities, so doesn’t matter if you have already started your company or just have an idea, everyone is welcome to join. There are only limited spots available for the CLP competition, that will go through a business incubation model, these participants and their ideas will compete at the same time with the other 57 countries that are hosting the program.

Along the year, we will be organizing many more webinars and events to drive green entrepreneurship & cleantech innovation. All with an entrepreneurial & innovative call to climate action perspective, so even if you don’t get into the final list, you still can contribute to tackling climate change one action at a time.

Feel free to contact us for any doubt about the program:

Deadline submission in Colombia 11th of May and in Mexico 17th of May.

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