20 Businesses Selected for UK & LATAC CLEAN GROWTH ACADEMY

20 Businesses Selected for UK & LATAC CLEAN GROWTH ACADEMY

On the behalf of the Clean Growth UK & LATAC team, we are excited to announce the 20 Cleantech Champions selected for the “UK & LATAC Clean Growth Academy”!

After carefully reading through and evaluating applications from 14 countries, CleantechHUB Colombia is proud to be welcoming the following companies to our pilot program. In this Academy this they will receive tailor-made support to scale their business beyond borders.


Bio Natural Solutions logo

Bio Natural Solutions

Biotech company that converts fresh organic waste into dis- infectant solutions, fungistatics, biodegradable organic barriers for agriculture, and functional additives for the food sector.

Bioeutectics logo


Revolutionizes the food, pharma and personal care solvents industry by turning it into a natural, biodegradable and sustainable one.

Dynamic Genesis logo

Dynamic Genesis

Transforms environmental consulting by using satellite images and free access data to map air pollution and GHG emissions.



Technology-based company that increases the efficiency and sustainability of energy usage at the level of distribution, management and consumption via AI, IoT (Internet of Things), and the digitization of networks.



Uses nanotechnology to optimize and conserve the planet’s natural resources. Do so by engineering chemical additives out of graphene to produce paint, thermal paste and materials in the manufacturing industry.

Glasst Innovation Company logo

Glasst Innovation Company

Leaves a positive footprint in the construction sector by developing the most biodegradable, oxo degradable and compostable product in the market that replaces one-use plastic coatings, amongst other technologies.

Eco Biosis logo

Eco Biosis

Integrates a new form of sustainability by manufacturing an easily distributed, affordable, naturally dispersing plasticizing agent that can be used within a diverse set of industries.

Tecnología Ambiental Now logo

Tecnología Ambiental Now

Experts in the capture, collection, storage and technical disposal of oil waste, as well as the prevention, attention and training of personnel involved in spills and maintenance issues where hydrocarbons and vegetable oils are present.​

Zepto logo


Creates sustainable real estate development projects & model communities to preserve the jungle and protect the mangrove swamp.

IAS Software logo

IAS Software

Develops transformative software including Bikey, which focuses on safety for bicycles in urban cities. Bikey utilizes data to transmit meaningful information to the public and private sector regarding unsafe routes, theft, and micro mobility.​

Valopes logo


Cloud-based platform that enables enterprises to streamline their environmental flows and analytics. By digitizing the process of documentation and consolidating key information and connecting enterprises, they assure accountability and transparency in the industry.​

Mobi logo


Designs, manufactures and connects electric vehicles for shared usage through mobile technologies. Supported by a network of lithium battery sharing stations and exchangers.

Biológica Vehículos Eléctricos SAS logo

Biológica Vehículos Eléctricos SAS

Creates smart electric motorcycles and seek to develop the ‘Electric Motorcycles Age’ in LATAC by supplying affordable, high-performing bikes with better technology than gas ones.

Mitsidi logo


Provides consulting services to help their clients in civil construction, industry and the public sector reduce energy consumption, enact environmental impact mitigation, and implement new developmental innovations.​

EcoSea Farming logo

EcoSea Farming

Food-tech company in the sustainable aquaculture sector that increases usable waters for fish production, increasing their profitability while reducing impact to the environment.

Mamut logo


Manufactures and commercializes sustainable building materials to boost sustainable cities, focusing on the revalorization of rubber recycling, circular economy development and urban innovation.

Kingo logo


Provides renewable electricity services to off-grid communities through an affordable, decentralized, prepaid clean energy service.

RSU logo


Treats waste through the recycling of materials and transformation of rejects into biomass with high calorific value for steam generation and sustainable energy. Their Smart Waste Technology reduces waste humidity without using external heat sources.

Compóstame logo


Reduces waste created at urban level through organic waste management and raise awareness of our footprint on earth. Resulting material can be used to reduce dependence on agrochemicals, and subterranean water sources.

Carbon Neutral Initiative logo

Carbon Neutral Initiative

Creates Climate Resilient Technologies, such as filters to reduce carbon offset and convert it into CO2 capture, and implements Circular Economy Strategies.

The winner(s) of the Academy, announced in January, will receive a soft landing and a week full of training, networking and matchmaking to explore UK-market opportunities and look for partners to scale their business beyond borders. Depending on safety guidelines, this may be conducted virtually. Possible follow-ups include a VIP webinar and aligning with other local and regional programs within the Embassy.

Additionally, we are excited to announce that we foresee CleantechHUB Colombia expanding to create a Latin American accelerator in 2022!
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We look forward to keeping in touch!

— The Clean Growth Latam team 🌎

For more information and press inquiries please contact the program coordinator Estelle De Zan at estelle.dezan@cleantechhub.net