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Cleantech Accelerator Colombia 2021   A social platform which joins the dots between smart ideas and smart people who work to improve the quality of life for urban citizens in Cali. This initiative has installed 100 low-cost air quality sensors in Cali and make the data readily available to make easy-to-understand air...

Cleantech Accelerator Colombia 2021   Dinnova is a startup which designs and develops modular and solar refrigeration systems which can be installed anywhere and are not dependent on the electricity grid. Electricity is a lifesaver for those who are lucky enough to have it. It keeps food fresh, vaccines safe and keeps...

Cleantech Accelerator Colombia 2021   CarbonBox is an app which makes carbon calculation, reduction and offsetting easy and achievable for everyone. The startup has built a model which calculates carbon-footprint and facilitates carbon offsetting in social and sustainable projects.   Go to website...