Clean Growth Finals 2022

Clean Growth Finals 2022

Meet 10 of the most promising Cleantech champions in Latin America & the Caribbean ready to scale their impact beyond borders.

Thursday January 27, 2022 we are hosting the Clean Growth Finals, in which the 10 out of 20 finalists of the Clean Growth Academy will pitch their companies in a Shark Tank setting and explain how scaling their business abroad will benefit the world to fight climate change. Learn more about this program by reading the official press release.

The winner(s) will receive a soft-landing trip to the UK to explore UK-market opportunities (flying with the most sustainable and pioneering airline Air France-KLM), and look for partners to scale their business internationally, additionally competing for a place in the Latam Climaccelerator 2022.

We are inviting all green entrepreneurship & Cleantech innovation ecosystem actors to attend this event. This extends to green impact investors, funds and business angels, corporate sustainability and innovation leaders, (semi-) government, Academia, entrepreneurship support organisations and our partners. We encourage you to invite your contacts, colleagues and investors that may be interested! We have also attached the formal invite for this event below for you to share.

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Those competing will present a business pitch and reasoning for why you should win a trip to the UK, emphasizing your readiness to scale your business abroad, what additional support you require and what impact you will make. The Jury Team will include Team Britain, Gideon Blaauw (CleantechHUB), Richard Carey-Evans (Innovate UK EDGE), and more!


Glasst Innovation Company logo

Glasst Innovation Company

Leaves a positive footprint in the construction sector by developing the most biodegradable, oxo degradable and compostable product in the market that replaces one-use plastic coatings, amongst other technologies.

Mitsidi logo


Provides consulting services to help their clients in civil construction, industry and the public sector reduce energy consumption, enact environmental impact mitigation, and implement new developmental innovations.​

Mamut logo


Manufactures and commercializes sustainable building materials to boost sustainable cities, focusing on the revalorization of rubber recycling, circular economy development and urban innovation.



Uses nanotechnology to optimize and conserve the planet’s natural resources. Do so by engineering chemical additives out of graphene to produce paint, thermal paste and materials in the manufacturing industry.

Bioeutectics logo


Revolutionizes the food, pharma and personal care solvents industry by turning it into a natural, biodegradable and sustainable one.



Technology-based company that increases the efficiency and sustainability of energy usage at the level of distribution, management and consumption via AI, IoT (Internet of Things), and the digitization of networks.

Bio Natural Solutions logo

Bio Natural Solutions

Biotech company that converts fresh organic waste into dis- infectant solutions, fungistatics, biodegradable organic barriers for agriculture, and functional additives for the food sector.

Carbon Neutral Initiative logo

Carbon Neutral Initiative

Creates Climate Resilient Technologies, such as filters to reduce carbon offset and convert it into CO2 capture, and implements Circular Economy Strategies.

Dynamic Genesis logo

Dynamic Genesis

Transforms environmental consulting by using satellite images and free access data to map air pollution and GHG emissions.

EcoSea Farming logo

EcoSea Farming

Food-tech company in the sustainable aquaculture sector that increases usable waters for fish production, increasing their profitability while reducing impact to the environment.


Cleantech will be a key player in the future growth of our global development. In line with COP26 in Glasgow, the UK Government is promoting this exciting initiative that will support leading cleantech scaleups from LATAC to go global and benefit environments and economies around the world – using the UK ecosystem to do so.

Jonathan Knott, Her Majesty’s Trade Commissioner for Latin America and the Caribbean


We can only rise to the challenges of the climate crisis by working together. We are looking forward to seeing you then!

— The UK & LATAC Clean Growth Academy team

For more information and press inquiries please contact the programme coordinator Estelle De Zan at